McEntee FamilyMy name is James McEntee, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with practices in San Francisco and Marin. In my work I help individuals, couples, adolescents, and families improve the quality of their lives and make root-level changes through the practice of psychotherapy.

The practice of psychotherapy is really about just one thing, the one thing that touches everything. Relationships. Your relationship with yourself; with your family, your partner, your loved ones; with friends, colleagues, and with the world as a whole. One day our lives will end. And according to interviews with those facing death, when that time comes the questions we will be asking ourselves are: Were we true to ourselves? How much we were able to give and receive love?

There is an Irish proverb that says: “The true home of the people is in the hearts of one another.” This work is about finding our way home. It’s about removing all the barriers that block our way.

Thank you for your interest.
May your journey in this life be blessed with love and connection.
May the path be clear towards the life you seek.

My treatment specializations include:
* Life Transitions
* Child & Family Therapy
* Men’s Work
* Couple’s Intimacy Issues
* Heartbreak & Loss
* Addictions & Invasive Thoughts
* Sexual Abuse & Trauma
* Working with Anger